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 Victor Koopa

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Victor Koopa

Victor Koopa

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PostSubject: Victor Koopa   Victor Koopa Icon_minitimeMon Jan 12, 2009 5:09 pm

Copied from my site, which is in my profile. This is my "default" self. There's a ton more over at said site:

Just over a very large eight feet tall, this shell-backed creature might simply seem to be an overgrown turtle at first glance, but the ivory colored, cone-shaped spines on his massive olive green shell, his horned head, and his more draconic features show he's a rather different kind of chelonian. Hints of feline ancestry can be seen as well in the form of single streaks of striped orange fur on his forearms, as well as large black stripes going over his shoulders. A mix of orange and bronze scales cover most of his rather broad and smoothly muscled body, excluding his honey colored, thick-ribbed chest and abdominal area.

Somewhat feline-like amber eyes are the highlight of his face, while thick black eyebrows match the short, semi-curly black hair that sits between two devil-like ivory horns. His face is a dark bronze, while his bulbous snout is a light butter yellow. A pair of fangs poke out from his top snout lip. When he speaks, his voice is fittingly deep, yet (usually) warm in tone.

This koopa certainly has a good deal of mass to him, both in the form of a good helping of muscle and otherwise. Being testudine, his body is a little large in proportion to his limbs, which includes a stubby tail with some striping across the top near the base. His other limbs feature claws on the end of the thick digits, though his sharper features (save his horns and teeth) have been smoothed down for safety. His white-lipped carapace only adds to the effect of him looking rather large for his size.

For clothes, he is wearing a black sleeveless dress vest with a multi-colored tie and ash colored dress pants. He wears some accessories in the form of black leather wrist and ankle bands set with brass cone studs in the classic Koopa style, with matching collar. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

ACCESSORIES DETAILS: He's wearing two inch wide, black leather wrist and ankle bands, set with short, smooth, cone shaped, brass colored studs every inch or so in the center. These are kept tightly pressed to him via dull brass colored double pin metal buckle closures. Complementing these is a slightly narrower collar, in the same style. Save for the color difference, it looks like the classic Koopa style, but they look like they've been worn for quite a while.

CLOTHES DETAILS: Over his top half, he is currently wearing a sleeveless black dress vest featuring four silvery buttons holding it together in the middle over a short sleeved white dress shirt with pearlescent buttons of its own. The vest and shirt have been modified such that their backs fit between his shell and his back; it would appear the back has a magnetic liner that keeps it affixed to the bottom of his shell. The vest seems to have some pattern printed on it in a satiny way, and features two small pockets on the front. It seems to be made of polyester, although the inside seems to be a soft microfiber material.

Accenting the vest is a dark grey necktie mottled with small color splotches of lighter grey, gold, cornflower blue, and orange-red. The end of the tie is squared off and features a silver tie clip. His collar (should he be wearing one) covers it where it's tied around his neck and its bottom section is tucked under his vest. It appears to be made of silk and polyester, with a semi-smooth texture.

The vest is worn over a pair of charcoal-grey colored dress pants. These pants run down to his ankles where he leaves his ankle decor on and visible. Thin black pinstripes run down the sides of the pants along the hem lines. The pants are cinched tight with a thin, smooth black leather belt with a smallish gold colored buckle with a single pin. They appear to have a heavier knit than most pants, with a soft cotton feel. Topping off this look is a pair of matte gold-framed eyeglasses with small oval lenses.
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Victor Koopa
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